Electrical Maintenance

At CHEMSTROJ, s.r.o., electrical maintenance department we specialize in providing services in electrical engineering manufacture, electrical maintenance and in the area of instrumentation & control. The main customers are the Energochemica Group and the Chemko and Fortischem industrial park companies.

Our main activities include the installation of electrical equipment, the manufacture of low voltage switchboards, the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, the diagnostics of electrical equipment, the installation of low and high voltage distributions in various environments, the installation of frequency converters and soft-starters for drive units, etc.

For instrumentation and control, we provide gauging and calibration of I&C instruments, repairs of pneumatic actuators and control elements, repairs of pneumatic and electrical instrumentation and control devices, installation of I&C and electrical equipment for control systems.

For each of our products, we can supply complete documentation from wiring diagrams to production labels or certificates. For all these services, our staff has the necessary qualifications and long-term experience.

In addition to these activities, we also install and repair lightning conductors.