Installation and Mechanical Maintenance

Chemstroj, s.r.o. installs and maintains technical units and supplies equipment using project documentation, particularly for clients in the chemical, energy and metallurgical industries as part of investment, shut down work and modernization.

The company provides work in installation and repair for more than 50 workers with different specializations.

We are able to deliver comprehensive services from installation of equipment, review inspections, walking inspections, scheduled repairs and troubleshooting.

We are also able to prepare a plan of repairs and inspections for your facilities.

We are authorized to repair HVAC, pressur,e gas and lifting equipment.

We also carry out installation and repair of:

  • pipework from materials: ST 37, AISI, 304, AISI 314, DUPLEX, plastic PP, PE, PVC, PVC-U
  • tanks, columns, reactors, filters, coolers, capacitors, exchanger ...
  • axial and radial fans
  • screw conveyors and belt conveyors
  • scoops and plate feeders
  • cooling microtowers
  • stirrers and crystalizers

Installation and repair of rotating machines:

  • pumps - centrifugal, piston, diaphragm, screw, sludge
  • compressors - screw, diaphragm, piston, refrigeration units
  • Installation and repair of gearboxes of various types

Repair of lifting equipment and lifts:

  • bridge cranes
  • lifts for goods and passengers
  • electric lifting devices
  • manual lifting equipment - hoists, winches

Repair and setting up of valves with certification issued:

  • safety and reducing valves
  • closing valves and high-pressure fittings
  • valves and ball valves

Repair of leakage at full operating pressure - no need for shut down:

  • leakage correction on flange joints, pipes, fittings, valve fittings
  • Suitable for media: steam, water, air, nitrogen and some other gases and liquids after the operating conditions are assessed
  • repairs can be made up to an operating pressure of 16 MPa.